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Van điện từ inox dùng cho nước hewcho

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2W Pressure:0-1.0Mpa
Material:Stainless Steel Temperature:-5-80℃
Coil Material:Copper Voltage:AC220V, AC110V(50Hz/60Hz)
Medium:Water, Gas, Air, Fluid             DC12V,DC24V
Type:Normally Closed Sealing:NBR,EPDM, Viton

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2W200-20J DN20 Stainless Steel Water Solenoid Valve
Technicial Detail

●Part Number:2W200-20J ●Coil Type: IP65 DIN Connector
●Mode of Operation:Normally Closed ●Voltage:AC220V,AC110V,DC24V,DC12V
●Pipe Size: 3/4" G or NPT ●Response Time: Less than 1 second
●Body Material:Stainless Steel ●Duty Cycle: 100% but not indefinitely
●Coil Material:Copper ●Suitable Media: Water, Air, Oil, Gas
●Seal Material: NBR EPDM or VITON ●Weight:0.85kg
●Orifice:20mm ●Length:73mm
●Temperature Range:-5-150°C ●Width:57mm
●Pressure Range: 0-10Bar ●Height:117mm


2W200-20J DN20 Stainless Steel Solenoid Valve works great with water, air, gas, fluid and vacuum. Operates normally closed and has a solid stainless steel body. This valve is compact in size and works very well with a variety of applications. Irrigation, Fountains, Water Filtration, Solar Heating, Aquariums, Automotive, Beer Brewing, Hydroponics, HVAC, and Plumbing and everywhere else one of our valves can be applied
It's two way two position semi direct acting diaphragm electric solenoid valve uses NBR EPDM or VITON diaphragm material that is compatible with many liquid such as water up to 150°C. The valve is normally closed, closed when de-energized and open when energized. It is capable of operating at zero differential pressure. This compact solenoid features with female BSP 3/4" thread or NPT 3/4" thread. 
2W200-20J DN20 Stainless Steel Solenoid Valve has four coil with voltage AC220V, AV110V, DC24V and DC12V. The coil head is fitted with a DIN connection that can easily be connected with your own choice of terminals. This model is mountable in any position and features a conveniently positioned arrow on the body to indicate the direction of flow. Its response time is very low; in fact, it acts in less than one second, making it a great choice for all types of applications.
Non-applicable fluid
When the temperature is high, it is liquid, and solid when cooled; Corrsive Fluid; Fluid above 20 cst concentration.
The impurities in the line must be cleaned first before installation. In order to prolong service life, Y filter should be installed on the front end of solenoid valve.
Solenoid Valve Size Chart(mm)
Valve NO. Orifice   CV   A B C Thread Weight(kg)
2W160-10J 10 4.8  69  52 112 3/8" 0.78
2W160-15J 15 4.8 69 52 112 1/2"


2W200-20J 20 7.6 73 57 117 3/4" 0.85
2W250-25J 25 12 98 77 122 1" 1.2
2W350-35J 35 24 111 86 155 1 1/4" 2.0
2W400-40J 40 29 120 94 165 1 1/2" 2.2
2W500-50J 50 48 163 190 190 2" 3.8


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Van điện từ inox dùng cho nước hewcho

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